Imada learnt Japanese traditional art techniques in Japan and has been using them in her own art works. She specializes in teaching Japanese woodblock printmaking, papermaking, folded screen making, and hanging scroll making and established a Japanese woodblock printmaking course at the British Museum in 2001. She has been teaching regularly at their Schools & Young Audiences Education Service. 

In 2001, in connection with the nationwide ‘Japan 2001’ events, she held workshops at the British Museum, Victoria & Albert Museum, Durham Oriental Museum and Bristol City Museum, as well as at many other museums and art galleries. 

In 2008, she was invited to teach Japanese Woodblock Printmaking at the Chester Beatty Library, Dublin and goes back to teach there every year.

In Feb 2017, she has established a Japanese Woodblock Printmaking course at the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts and has been a tutor there since then.

Imada offers made to order workshops on request. In addition to those listed above, she offers other workshops. 

The British Museum School workshop: Japanese printmaking

On demand according to availability, Mon, Thurs, Fri 10.30–14.30

Japanese Woodblock Printmaking Course for Adults

at the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts, London

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