When I look back on my childhood, I am reminded that my memory at that time was full of images of Nature; shapes of trees, sounds of water, the smell of grass, etc. They are not only visual images but also bodily sensation images, sound images, and so on. My old image still exists as my main interest. 

When I am in an open space in Nature alone, I always feel as if I become a part of it. I can feel the movement and sound of it as I see its visual imagery. I am very much interested in expressing the images which I feel in Nature. I am trying to transfer my bodily sensations into my brush movement and visual images into colour. 

Traces and motions act as a very important element in my work. They also reflect Japanese concepts such as ‘MA’ (the effective use of time and space intervals) and ‘GYOHKAN-W0-YOMU’ (reading between the lines). These concepts lie at the heart of my work. I would like to try to express what I see visually and what I feel physically through my work.


      © Hiroko Imada 2009