Les Sylphides

I had an exhibition titled ‘Les Sylphides - Chopiniana - onto the Air’ in 1996. In this exhibition, the works I presented were all related to the ballet called ‘Les Sylphides’. This ballet is a 20th century ‘ballet blanc’. Colours in the ballet are therefore restricted, so I have worked hard to express my ideas about colour, without disturbing the dominating colour of the original production. This has been a difficult challenge. Also, there is no story to the ballet, and this abstract quality, for me, makes the connection between the music and movement clearer. 

This exhibition included prints, acrylic paintings, costume drawings, a half - size  costume made from my design, and a theatre model. The aim was to present a single set of ideas through many different media.

1996年に、レ・シルフィード - Chopiniana - onto the Airと題した展覧会を開いた。この展覧会では、レ・シルフィードというバレエを題材にした作品を、版画、アクリル画、コスチュームデザイン原画、半寸のコスチューム、シアターセットのモデルと様々なメディアを使って多角的に表現してみた。


      © Hiroko Imada 2009