Japanese Scenery 

Iis a long time since I came to London. My memories of Japan fade with the passing of each day. However, certain things will always remain vivid; in particular the colours and images of the four seasons, especially because tthey are linked with other memories which are unforgettably clear to me. In this series, I was trying to explore the link between my personal and pictorial memories of the four seasons in Japan.

Surely, I believe the Japanese in general have a strong feeling for cherry blossom. I am not the exception. Cherry blossom has always meant something special to me. Many of my memories of spring in Japan are linked with these flowers. When cherry trees are in blossom it is impossible to resist their beauty, even if it makes you sad that this beauty is so fleeting. So there are a number of prints I created on ‘Cherry Blossom’. 



      © Hiroko Imada 2009