Hiroko Imada collaborates with Rebecca Evans at VAULT 2015

Our Event at Vault

Creation Box London: MASH UP

THE GALLERY, Sat 7 & Sun 8 March, 2015

Creation Box London in collaboration with Make Space Studios artists presents Mash Up

A mixture of Art, dance, fashion, photography and film all in one fascinating location. Under the title ‘Umbra’ 5 creators will respond and create to different artists in residency at Make Space Studio. The Gallery space will be transformed into an immersive experience that culminates in one full eclipse.

About Creation Box London

Creation Box London is situated at Make Space Studios and is a multifunctional studio for the arts. It welcomes dance, art, fashion, photography and filmmakers to get out of their living environments and into the studio to create. Creation Box welcomes new projects and ideas that need to be developed at the space, all at affordable rates. This opportunity at The Vaults, is to encourage artists and choreographers to create, collaborate, communicate and get messy with their ideas. To explore new avenues and welcome new interactions with artists they have never met. Mash Up is about taking people out of their comfort zones and developing new ways of working. The exhibition is titled ‘UMBRA’ and will take you on an immersive experience creating a full eclipse among the spectator/performer and gallery space.

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Lisa King

Charlie Cridlan

Rebecca Geary/ Laurence A Causse-Parsley

Hiroko Imada

Shooting Flowers

Gala Bell


The Box Collective-(Ivan Blackstock/Aaron Sillis/James Jenkins)

Dance Adventures

Box London

Rebecca Evans

Agency 105


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