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October 2015, again, my print work ‘A Breath of Summer Ⅵ’ is featured in Spotlight on London for Frieze Week Collection on Saachi Art Online.

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September 2011, my print work 'A View of Cherry Blossom Ⅰ’ 

was also featured  in Art We Love This Week on Saachi Art Online.


The poster ‘Faecs of Nature’ an interactive dance performance on Sat 10 Oct 2015

Faces on Nature Poster (F) without logo copy

Yle News on Culture in Vantaa page Oct 2015

My exhibition news on Yle News is now on City of Vantaa, Culture in Vantaa page.

Yle Newsの動画は、ヴァンタ市サイト内文化欄でも紹介されています。

'Faces on Nature’ an interactive dance performance as a part of Finlandia Rhapsody exhibition

Event name: ‘Faces of Nature’ as a part of the event of “ Finlandia Rhpsody’

Event starting time: 2PM on Sat 10 October 2015

at Taidetalo Pessi, Kielotie 12-14, Tikkurila 

This is an interactive dance performance created by Vera Lapitskaya based on the artworks of Hiroko Imada and music of Nicholas Sabisky.

It is an attempt to transform the language of visual images and sounds into the language of movement and dance. It represents another perspective to the Finnish nature which has been the main theme and inspiration of the whole project called Finlandia Rhapsody.

The dance piece is about a character who is travelling alone through the nature. On its way the character meets different landscapes, plants and creatures. And they not always can understand the language of each other. But they can move and dance together so it becomes a common language for everyone. 

The performance is suitable for children and families. 

The event lasts approximately 20 mins.

Free admission.

Please note that the exhibition is open to public from 1 - 3PM only on Sat 10 October 2015.

And the link to the Sat 10 Oct dance performance event is below.

Also the link to this project to find related news is below.

      © Hiroko Imada 2009