5 works featured in the Special feature on the RA Summer Exhibition by Saatchi Art Online

Saatchi Art Artists at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2016

"Unpredictable, stimulating and startling." —Richard Wilson RA

Join Saatchi Art in celebrating our artists featured in the prestigious Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy. Dating back to 1769, the Summer Exhibition offers the chance to see wall-to-wall art of all mediums by burgeoning and leading artists alike, presenting a glance at the zeitgeist of the contemporary art world. Open to all artists, the Summer Exhibition is formed through a submission process that begins early in the year, narrowed from 12,000 submissions to 4,000 in a lightning speed round. The shortlisted artists are then jugded down into a final 1,200 works by The Royal Academy comprised of celebrated artists and architects - with sculptors Richard Wilson and Cathie Pilkington among this year’s Academicians.

We’re proud to call a handful of the 2016 Summer Exhibition artists our own, adding to a list that includes such past names as Turner and Constable. The breadth of this accomplishment is huge, to stand out amongst 12,000 submissions into 1,200. Among the exhibiting artists are Malgorzata Lapsa-Malawska, Hanna Ten Doornkaat, Ilona Szalay, Susan Buttner, Maria Konstanse Bruun, Calum McClure, Nadia Attura, India Dewar, Paul Crook, Alex Hanna, Theodore Madoff, Jonathan Lux, Tom Palin, Hiroko Imada, Peter Illesley, Tom Down, Alice Eikelpoth, Jane Lewis, Karl Bielik, Zachary Beer, Lulu Manasseh, Richard Whadcock, Sharon Drew, John Hainsworth, Emma Lawrenson, Laura Smith, Dick Evans, Jackie Kerridge, Victoria Ahrens, Deborah Westmancoat, Frances Ryan, and JFK Turner.

 See a selection of their works below available on Saatchi Art.

The Varnishing Day

The Varnishing Day of the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2016

it’s a day to celebrate the artists in the show. Before visiting the show, the artists gather in the courtyard, form a procession down Piccadilly led by a steel band, then attend an artists’ blessing at St. James’s church. 

I found my 2 drawings hanged in different rooms. The Bigger piece was in room 6, Richard Wilson's selection and other small one in room 1, Bill Jacklin's selection. 

After the reception at the gallery, I was invited to have a drink with Mr Fumiaki Aono who was invited to present his work for the show and whose work happen to be in the same room as mine! So I went in to the Academician's Room! 

It was a long day but all together, it was a great fun & experience.



      © Hiroko Imada 2009